Round 1- East Blue

UPDATE: Voting close.  Scroll down to see results.

In the name of my boss, Joker, the underworld broker. I am running a counter underground tournament. In which participation is only via invitation and limited to about 20 people. And it will take place via private message. For example, Round 1 is the Low Tier buy in. In which 20 of the 180 participants will participate. At the end of the round, we will eliminated 17 of them and only 3 will remained to participate on the next tier tournament.

So here is the rule, you, individually, have 8 votes in total. This is done by listing the 4 strongest from below from 1 being the strongest to 4 being the weakest of the strongest. You can also rank the 4 you deemed the weakest. Though please clarify which the order in which you rank, who is the fourth, or third, or second, or the weakest. Points will awarded as below:

Strongest 1st place: 10 pt, 2nd place: 7pt, 5pt, and then 3pt
Weakest 1st place: -5pt, 2nd place: -3pt, 3rd place: -2pt, 4th place: -1pt

The three highest point scorer will move to the next round. After I received all my replies back. I will tally the result, and send you the next round. All characters unless noted as post time skipped are consider only the feats and knowledge pre timeskipped from the manga/anime.
So here is the combatants of the low tier:

1) "Iron Mace" Alvida- 5 million berries with the Sube Sube no mi
2) Mohji and Richie the lion- 2nd mate to Buggy the Clown
3) Cabaji the Acrobat- 3rd mate to Buggy the Clown
4) Kuro of a Hundred Plans- 16 million berries- captain of the Black Cat pirates
5) Double Crosser Jango- former captain of the Black Cat pirates with a bounty of 9 million berries
6) Sham and Buchi (hypnotized)- a duo pair protectors of the Black Cat ship. Their status is being hypnotized as superman.
7) Pirate Fleet Admiral Don Krieg (READ about MH5)- 17 million berries, the self claimed the strongest man in the world. His usage of MH5 is limited. He cannot used right away in the beginning of the battle. Assuming able opponents can steal his mask and or the mask of his followers.
8) Gin the Diablo- the right hand man of Don Krieg
9) Iron Shield Pearl
10) Ironfist Fullbody- former Marine lieutenant that was in charge of capturing Don Krieg, he was also part of Hina’s crew to capture the Straw Hats and Baroque Works agent.
11) Hatchan- one of the veteran of the Grandline and a part of the infamous Sun pirates
12) Kuroobi- same as above
13) Chew- same as above
14) Miss Valentine- a high ranking Baroque Works agent that can change her weight
15) Chessmarimo- consisted of the fusion of Chess and Kuromarimo former ministers under Wapol
16) Montblanc Criket- descendant of King of Liars, and chief of Saruyama Alliance
17) "Salvage King" Masira- 23 million berries, he was able to punch a sea king like monster underwater which showed tremendous strength.
18) CP9 Chief Spandam/Funkfreed- leader of the so call strongest Cipher Pol in history
19) CP6 Jerry- boxing champion of the Karate Island
20) Helmeppo- Chief Petty Officer of the marine, one of One Piece earliest villains, and son to the former Captain Morgan.

Thank you to those that participated:

Kiba, Jorge D. Dragon, eefrit, Rosebullet Teacher, Lazy, scav, jrdragon2003 (baka), cearon, Sachsenhesse, hellkirby (yt), kkck, Impossibility, RezzieThaRapper, xXaliXxgangster (yt), Zehahaha, Mr. Arashi, Rody naruto, sinsin, darkprince0521, thousandIN1 

Result of Round 1:

 3 combatants that move on are:
1) The champion: Don Krieg received 90% of the vote of being the top 4.
2) Captain Kuro dominated the votes early on but fell short of being champion as voting came in.
3) “Salvage King” Masira took 3rd place in a very close battle with Gin.
Number one loser spot went to Spandam.
Here is the vote again!!!!