Pirate Fleet Admiral- Don Krieg the Foul Play

Don Krieg- 17 million berries

Captain of the Krieg Pirates 

In the weakest sea that is East Blue, Krieg stands out as a big fish in a small pond.  Like other East Blue elites, Krieg is arrogant.  Such arrogant would soon make him regret as he set sail to the Grandline and unfortunately piss off Mihawk right at the entrance.  With his tail between his leg, Krieg ran like a dog from Mihawk and other marines.

However, for the first ten volumes of the series, Don Krieg was for a time among the strongest.  In the Baratie Arc, he was introduced along with Mihawk.  So my first super wrong impression (a decade ago) was that he could put up somewhat of a good fight with Mihawk.  Although Krieg is nowhere close to the level of pirates hover around Sabaody Archipelago at the end of the Paradise section of the first half of the Grandline.  But with his ability, I am sure he could have done somewhat well and may able to hang around in Mock Town of Jaya.

His own personal claim to be the strongest man in the world was prove to be dead wrong.  But he can be considered as a super human in term of East Blue level, as proof he earned the respect of his first mate Gin the diablo.  Physically, Krieg was able to withstand a canon ball.  He is also able handle his one ton Great Spear with ease while wearing a rather bulky golden armor. 

Krieg is quite crafty and doesn’t really fight fair.  His armor and spear also filled with hidden weapons.  Among which, the MH5 poison bomb is the most lethal.  He was unmatched in the low tier round.  But his success from now on would most likely reply on luck for the combatants of next tier is filled with people with devil fruits, strange weapons (like dials), or at superhuman level like himself.

Notable battle: lost to East Blue Luffy

Weapons: Golden armor, 1 ton Great Spear, MH5 bomb

Physical feat: East Blue superhuman

Tournament record:

Round 1: 1/20 (122 pt) Champion/Advance

Round 2.1: 3/15 (32 pt) Advance